August 20, 2012

Rioger Clemens — worse than Michael Jordan?

Can somebody please chloroform Roger Clemens, or something, rather than him pitching minor league baseball?

Please, please, somebody, just make him go away. Especially before Barry Bonds gets any similar ideas in his head. 

I have no idea why he is doing this, and he didn't say so in the story. That said, I'm not sure I want to know why. 

Oops, maybe we do know ... this could be his entree back to the big leagues. Please, please, somebody stop the madness. Seeing him back on a big-league mound would be too much. Plus, if he does halfway well, it just starts the roiding accusations all over.

And if so, there may be some deviousness behind that. By coming back to the big leagues, Clemens wouldn't be eligible for the Hall of Fame ballot this year, but would have to wait five years until he re-retired.

So, he wouldn't come up for consideration at the same time as Bonds. In fact, he wouldn't come up into the roiding issue had gotten a fair hashing out.

Oh, and Baseball Reference? Clemens hasn't weighed 205, nor Bonds 185, for 15 years or more. Please update your stats to at least reflect late-career playing weight, not rookie numbers.

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