March 08, 2012

#Infowars: DOJ may sue #Apple

I've blogged a whole series of posts about the developing wars for online information (click the "infowars" tag) and content control, with Apple, Google and Amazon appearing to be the leading players right now, followed by Facebook and some others.

Well, the Department of Justice is looking at claims of price-fixing among e-book publishers, especially Apple and others who use its "agency" model of price-setting. Gee, shock me that an inside-controlled, inflexible Apple model for doing something, the 1984 model, irony intended, if you will, would get Apple into trouble.

Not that Amazon doesn't have its own e-book problems, including publishing vacuumed-up blog post as e-books, sometimes without authorial knowledge.

But, right now, Apple gets the black eye. Rightfully.

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