August 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton: The scent of a woman

Twice last week, friend Perry trumped me while I was on vacation. The first, already blogged by me in a follow-up, is about the comparison between Black Lives Matter and Occupy.

The second is about Hillary Clinton. Perry, with an extensive boost from Ted Rall, notes that her No. 1 campaign calling card is still that she's a woman and should be elected for that reason.


First, we elected Barack Obama with the No. 1 calling card that he was African-American. Look what that got us: A neoliberal health care "reform" that was worse than what Bill Clinton proposed 16 years earlier, and may be the enemy of real reform; continued spying on Americans; expanded drone warfare; general indifference to environmentalism outside of climate change (Obama's arguably the least nature-minded president since Nixon); compromising away compromises in advance in public; and generally timid leadership at many times.

Hillary Clinton wouldn't be timid. And, she'd be even more of a warhawk than Obama. That we know. She'd continue the snooping, too. And, she'd be about as neoliberal financially. (Perry covers most of these issues in more detail, too.)

Second, you want to elect a woman? Dr. Jill Stein is once again seeking the Green Party nomination.

Had you been me seven years ago, you would have voted for the 2008 Green nominee, Cynthia McKinney, and voted for both the black and the woman, and one far more liberal than either Preznit Kumbaya or the pants-wearer in the Clinton family.

Meanwhile, the drip, drip, drip of the Clinton emails brouhaha continues, with Bob Woodward likening it to Watergate in some ways. Meanwhile, Mark Halperin notes the incredible tight-lipped atmosphere of the campaign. And, Clintonista fans? Well, when the Dragon Lady doesn't feed the media, it makes its own meals. That's why many say it's the same old Hillary on the responses, doing so out of worries, if they're affiliated with her campaign, and wish she would change.

Because not all the Scent of a Woman(TM) in the world will cover up the smell of Clintonism.

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Katy Anders said...

Obama hasn't passed anything like the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, both passed under Nixon!

Anyway, I've never voted for a major party candidate for President. I would this time if Sanders were to get the nomination.

I was already concerned about how weak Clinton looked in the sincerity department (did she start supporting gay marriage on the very day public support went from 49.9 to 50.1%?). But now her campaign appears to be unnecessarily flailing around on the email issue.

This could get really ugly.