March 31, 2015

#Clintonistas continue to self-immolate their guru; #SJW posse the latest

The 'Clintonesque' Hillary Clinton.
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If only this were parody, but it's not. (And, from my writing style, if only parody were so easy to write at times. Or to pretend it's reality so easily.)

Supposedly, there are 13 words the media "can't" write about Hillary Clinton any more. Why?

Because it's sexist, etc.

Who says?

Hillary's new social justice warrior posse, the self-named Clinton "Super Volunteers."

Specifically, per a series of Tweets whomever is behind this group has sent to a New York Times reporter:

(T)hese words are now off the table: "polarizing," "calculating," "disingenuous," "insincere," "ambitious," "inevitable," "entitled," "over-confident," "secretive," "will do anything to win," "represents the past," and "out of touch." 
I guess it's time to whip out the synonyms!

Here's the words that will be on the table:
On the table, in respective order, are "divisive," "scheming," "oblique" (I skipped "duplicitous" but will put it on account) "uncandid" (great one from "hard-charging," "predestined," "privileged," "cocky" (and, that's a male pun, so anti-sexist to boot!) "tight-lipped," "bus runner-over" (think about it), "hidebound," and "clueless."
Good enough for starters, right Hillz?

Other words, like "jesuitical," "ham-handed," "cagey," "enigmatic," and many others, will remain on file for future use. Neologisms like "Carvillian" stand at the ready.

Or, I could just retype, or copy-paste, "Clintonesque" 13 times!

Of course, as the new New Republic (and perhaps, a better New Republic?) reveals, it's almost reads like a Poe of some sort. That said, it's always fun to pile on to a good Poe.

OTOH, per the Washington Examiner, it's not a Poe, nor is my timing some April Fool. While the group is not officially affiliated with Clinton's non-campaign (for now), it is lead by Democrats who have a certain degree of connectedness, including being headed by a higher-level volunteer for her 2008 run.

Here's an email sent by the group:
"We continue to experience vile and hateful responses anytime we speak out against sexist reporting, sexist comments, or post positive facts about Hillary Clinton and her record," read the email, which was obtained by the Examiner. "[W]e will not tolerate any form of sexist news coverage of any woman who chooses to break through glass ceilings; whether as a CEO or running for President of these United States."
Again, two points.

First, none of the 13 words/phrases is sexist. Second, it's on the hands of John West et al to prove they're factually incorrect.

As for "fake" Twitter account? The URL on its profile, the Ready for Hillary, while declaiming that it's "unofficial," nonetheless seems to be "connected," or "plugged in."

And, a third point, a psychological one.

Having blogged before about Clintonistas being Hillary Clinton's worst enemy after herself, I know that the psychological effects of all of this will be one big backfiring. I think that's already happening, and I'm OK with adding this small bit of gasoline to the blaze.

And, let me not be disingenuous. Or insincere. Or out of touch. Please, send me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of 13-word synonyms to describe Hillary Clinton.

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Gadfly said...

I've already had Pecksniffian, Machiavellian and saturnine suggested as additional synonyms.