December 31, 2014

No Democrat soup for you, Bernie Sanders!

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders
MSNBC reports that potential Democratic alternatives to Hillary Clinton, namely, officially Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, former Democratic Sen. Jim Webb and outgoing Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, are getting no love from either national Dem muckety-mucks or from MoveOn.

Let's break this all out.

First, why doesn't MSNBC mention former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer at all? As I've blogged about before, he's dropped a few hints about a possible run, and if not as much of an enviro as a Sanders, is certainly as much anti-establishmentarian as him or Webb, and more so than O'Malley.

Second, MoveOn? That's exactly what you need to do. Elizabeth Warren knows about timetables for presidential campaigns. In other words, "no means no."

Third, Sanders is officially an Independent as a Senator. He fully caucuses with Dems, yes, but still. It's a reasonable reason for him to get a bit of a cold shoulder. That said, he ought to take Howard Dean's non-support as a badge of honor.

Fourth, as far as campaign building? It's true that Sanders comes from a small state. It's also true that Webb's been out of politics for a while (and I don't think has the temperament for a presidential campaign). Nonetheless, contra national Dems' sniffing, as reported by MSNBC, I know we had similar comments about an Illinois state senator, no matter his stage popularity, in 2006 at year end.

As for me? Sanders would be someone for whom I'd vote Democratic, not Green. Webb? I'd have to hear him suss some things out more. Webb, despite his populism on some economic issues, has indicated little about what the government's role is in addressing those issues. O'Malley? He's got the "presidential look" more than the other two, but he might be too establishmentarian.

Schweitzer the unmentioned? If he weren't so weak on environmental issues, I'd definitely vote for him in the general election. I'd still vote for him over Hillary in a primary.

Back to an earlier point, though.

If Bernie does run, how much will it hurt him in Democratic primaries being an Independent as a senator? I think it's a question he has to figure out, at least to some degree, before running.


PDiddie said...

James Webb has never struck me as a progressive, beginning with his service to the Reagan administration in the Department of Defense. That's just bizarre to me. It seems like Schweitzer shit his bed a while back, don't know if I could vote for him.

Sanders needs to run as a Green, but he won't.

Gadfly said...

First, agreed on Webb. But, the kewl kids of progressivism (the type that probably pander to moderates) claim he talks about income inequality, so that! Plus, he's halfway seen the light on gay marriage, so they're giving him a pass there.

Second, totally, on Bernie. Dunno why he's chasing Dem skirts.

Third, I'd missed that on Schweitzer. That said, I love the comment about Sen. Betty Crocker, because it's totally true.

But, the one on "effeminate" men? Yeah, it's wrong and it's definitely a bed-shitter. Although he did do the standard pro-forma apology.