April 14, 2014

Perry lawyers up over Lehmberg and public integrity; Abbott fallout?

Every blogger in Texas has surely seen the weekend news that Gov. Rick Perry has hired lawyer David Botsford as questions about whether he engaged in official retaliation against the Public Integrity Unit by vetoing funding for it when Travis DA Rosemary Lehmberg refused to step down have increased.

Earlier this month, a special prosecutor in the case, San Antonio attorney Michael McCrum, said he was "very concerned" by Perry's conduct.

The Texas Observer has a Q&A explainer about all of this.

So, my question is: Did Texas' top elected legal official talk to Perry at all either before or after the veto? Given that Greg Abbott's been pretty AWOL on possible corruption in the funding of CPRIT, it's a valid question.

Meanwhile, though this one is solely at Perry's feet, the Wallace Hall shite gets more and more stinky. Surely Tricky Ricky, even though he's not running for gubernatorial re-election (but possibly something else in 2016) has enough political brains to be pointing the exit sign out to Wallace by now? Of course, to riff on H.L. Mencken, I wouldn't go broke underestimating the stupidity of Rick Perry or something.

Anyway, it's worth reading for the laughability of a reader comment:
Posted by Baron_von_Bogeyman at
  There are more Communists in Academia today than there are left in Eastern Europe.

One less won't hurt.
Yep, Wallace Hall is a Communist. And, that tin foil hat you wear actually concentrates N-Rays to cancerfy your brain. (Note to Statesman: Even if I'm not logged in, I'd like to report his comment as abuse, namely abuse of a human brain.)

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