January 18, 2014

Rick Perry — sinner? praying to the wrong god? hypocrite? All of the above?

Almost three full years since Rick Perry, the false prophet, asked Texans to pray for rain to relieve the state's drought, more than two and a half years since his call to Ba'al was clearly a failure, he once again admitted these prayers had failed in much of the state. How many times is this a global warming and climate change denialist has re-issued the drought proclamation while refusing to consider that climate change might be even just a small contributor?

Of course, science could have told him these prayers would fail.

Actually, science DID tell him that, in the form of the words of the state's top official climatologist.
Forecasters predict dry weather to last long-term beyond the next decade from the La Nina phenomenon that continues to recur, including in the upcoming year, to cool the surface waters of the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean.
That said, 2013 wasn't even a La Niña year.

That said, it's also worth noting that Tricky Ricky nowhere uses the word "prayer" in the current proclamation.

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