June 26, 2019

More neoliberal MSM-blog stupid Trump bashing
on international postal rates and Chinese cheap costs

File this one from Talking Points Memo, and the link within TPM from Vox, as with many, under "the neoliberal mainstream media not getting it." Burying the lede about Trump having legitimate beefs with the Universal Postal Union as backdoor vote suppression (TPM) is just stupid. Vox burying the lede on UPU member listing is almost as bad.

I mean, the Paris climate change accord essentially moved China out of "developing nation" to "semi-developed nation status. Why can't the UPU do the same? The analysis of Vox is all wet otherwise, unless Trump expands this to a mail trade war beyond China. And, Jen Kirby, the steno there, does give up the game when she says that "experts tell me ... a better deal ... is the most likely scenario."

If the concern really is about overseas voters, as in TPM, Bill Daniels over at Kuff (where I first saw this) has the easy solution. You bring them to an embassy or consulate, or mail them there, in China or whatever foreign country you the voter live, and they go to America by diplomatic pouch. That, in turn would address states' concerns about mail time stamps, as well.

Otherwise, effect-wise, this isn't that much different from a carbon tariff, which I highly support (and which would require a carbon tax first). And, otherwise, this strikes me overall as more #TheResistance stupidity.

As far as what an agreement would do in the big picture?

Not much. If this makes the made-in-China crap too expensive to be made in China then shipped to the USofA, those jobs won't come here. They'll move to places like Vietnam.

Actually, if we're lucky, and not wishing people out of work, but ...

If we're lucky, some of those jobs will disappear, and more importantly, the made-in-China crap created in those jobs will simply disappear.

Americans don't need this cheap crap. Dollar stores don't need to sell it.

We need to de-capitalize away from some of this stuff.

That's especially true because a lot of this is made with oil-derived plastics. (Not that Trump is thinking about climate change and environmental degradation.)

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