February 17, 2016

The overrated cult of Ruth Bader Ginsberg: #hypocrisy?

First, Justice Ginsberg is just a liberal, not a left-liberal, and even that is in terms of Overton Window framing.

Second, upon the death of Antonin Scalia and the faux mourning in which I refused to engage, everybody Inside the Beltway, and outside worshipers at the Cult of Ruth, talked about the sweet friendship of them going to the opera.

Really? If "Lulu" were ever in DC, would she have invited him to that? Not to mention the opera about the life of Harvey Milk. I kind of doubt it. There's a whole list of LGBT-related musicals that I guess would have been off limits. No "Cabaret," "Victor/Victoria" and others.

Put another way, if Nino had lived 450 years ago, he might have been Pope Pius IV, ordering Michelangelo's nudes to be painted over. If he had invited a fellow time-warped Ginsberg to see the adulterated paintings, would she have gone along?

Per a Facebook discussion, a Clintonista said, maybe this is why our parents told us not to mix politics or religion into social settings. That may be true, but nobody put a gun to Ginsberg's head and told her she had to go to the opera with a bigot. (And besides Lulu's lesbian, the go-to choice for me, I can probably pick other operas that would offend Nino's proprieties, were he honest about applying them to the arts.) Beyond that? Yes, shut up and be quiet was "Leave It to Beaver" era. I may, in red-state ruraldom, not zip open my mouth at the office too much, but I don't have to go beyond a "necessary" level of extra-office socializing with others with whom I have very little in common on major issues.

But Ginsberg didn't have to live a compartmentalized life like that at all. She made a free choice.

All the "touting" of Ginsberg means is that she chose to enjoy artistic events with a rank bigot. Hardly a matter for praise, unless she's trying to rack up kudos for a mitzvah.

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