March 16, 2015

James Carville, others, peed in the #ClintonEmails corn flakes

And, I'm going to love seeing Media Matters try to refudiate (heh, heh) this one.

Former Bill Clinton political guru consultant James Carville has said that he thinks Hillary Clinton used a private email server specifically to try to avoid Congressional oversight.

Yeah, that link is from a wingnut site, but, the video right here:

Is mainstream media, as the ABC logo shows.

And, calling that "reasonable," even if Louie Gohmert (or the unmentioned Darrell Issa) is the Congressional snooper, doesn't fly.

Using separate email accounts, and on separate "devices" as necessary, since she's already said she does that, would be "reasonable."

And, that's where Media Matters and its latest "refudiation" will fall short.

It's Old Clinton vs. New Clinton, just like with Tricky Dick!

Oh, and James? Your use of pi as an illustrator was a nice try, but ... wrong! There's more than 0.00009 left of stink. Is it less than 3.1415? Sure. But, it's definitely more than 0.00009.

But, Carville, spin and all, was light on a Hillary hand-slap, because he wasn't hand-slapping, he was excuse-making.

For actual hand-slapping, here’s New Yorker editor David Remnick, from the same program:
“It’s one thing for a politician to be stupid, which Hillary Clinton is not, it’s quite another for a politician to believe that we’re stupid; and that is deflating,” Remnick said on ABC’s This Week. “A lot of people I know, and myself included, are not likely to vote for a conservative Republican come 20 months from now, and a lot of our readers are in that camp and they want Hillary Clinton to be the best Hillary Clinton that she can be in the absence of any competition in the Democratic party.”  
Remnick isn’t a conservative by any means, as he indicates after this quote; I mean, he's the editor of the New Yorker. Here's the clip:

And, here's the whole ABC segment. (And Jeb Bush's talking head is undercutting him, as Remnick as well as Carville noted.)

That said, back to Carville, who has one other good point and one bad one.

The bad one is he, like other Democratic attack dogs, hauling up Colin Powell's use of private email, but ignoring that Condoleezza Rice used a government account.

The good, or semi-good, one is noting that an Obama staffer had concerns about this, for whatever reasons.

Beyond that, Carville invented the idea of the "permanent campaign" in politics. He needs to take a look in the mirror, especially as that (and grubbing for money) has extended to para-political groups of both left and right.

Meanwhile, Maureen Dowd, who hates Hillary Clinton so much she must have a secret lesbian crush on her, has decided to pile on. It's Dowd's "best" (scare quotes needed) and worst (no scare quotes needed) all in one package.

Meanwhile, in a much better opinion piece, the New York Observer's Lincoln Mitchell wonders if Rahm Emanuel's struggles in Chicago might have a message for Clinton.

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