July 20, 2021

Texas Progressives talk Runaway Scrape 2.0 and more


Off the Kuff has plenty to say about Quorum Break 2, the sequel. (SocraticGadfly called it Runaway Scrape 2.0) .

Chris Hooks notes that the quorum break will take a toll on Strangeabbott

Hooks also looks at what Matt Rinaldi as state GOP chair will mean for the party.

The Observer checks in on recently-paroled Reality Winner. (Glenn Greenwald, for the clueless or sycophantic, blamed everyone else at The Intercept for her arrest.)

Now we know why Joe Manchin still loves the filibuster: GOP bucks, including right here in Texas.

The Observer also talks about the problem of building more roads to fight traffic, which only increases sprawl in the end, and the political-industrial complex that continues to push this. (If the US is one third of the way to being a failed nation-state, Texas is — like California for different reasons — one third of the way to being a failed state.)


The Observer has a guest editorial calling for Austin to officially ban its cops from firing bean bags.


With neoliberals like Dear Leader's former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz sucking up to Big Oil and Big Coal on climate change, it's no wonder national Democrats fiddle while Rome and the world burns.

Or, rather than Rome burning? Lake Mead, continuing to dry up, will likely trigger a Colorado River water emergency declaration soon, far earlier than expected. (Per the story, Upper Colorado states face a likely similar declaration next year.) And, as the story shows, Aridzona is lying about how prepared it is for this. Per the story, doubling or tripling water prices would show actual preparation.

CPAC came to Texas, and Hooks notes it did cancel culture on St. Ronald of Reagan.


SocraticGadfly saw the new Pentagon report and took a DEEP dive into why aliens are NOT visiting planet Earth.

The Atlantic charges that Black Lives Matter is wrongly looking at Cuba through an American-centric lens, and I at least halfway agree. (I agree with Cuba still having its own racial-discrimination problems; I disagree with Atlantic in wanting to finger state-owned economic apparatus as a major contributor.) The Independent Media Institute commits the same mistake, unwilling to finger the Cuban government for anything. The same piece co-published at Counterpunch

Yes, a Muslim-Evangelical global alliance is a real thing. And, potentially, a good thing.

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