January 26, 2014

Right-to-life hypocrisy on #Israel & #abortion — maybe it's for the #Rapture?

Photoshopping by Socratic Gadfly
US pro-life groups hate abortion locally, but are mum about Israel's even more liberal abortion laws. Maybe they expect that to bring on the Rapture? (Pat Jerk free red heifer jerky part of?)

That said, per the link, I guess Christian right-to-lifers have no problem quoting the Talmud out of context. Shock me; too bad we didn't have Sarah Palin asked to talk about the Talmud. Even in Israel, the majority of the concern is from Jews for Jesus types, whose literature I passed out at a plurality-Jewish public high school back in what I wish were another lifetime, but isn't.

Beyond that, this is another example of how the "Judeo" half of what religious conservatives trot out as America's "Judeo-Christian heritage" is simply a fig leaf for "Christian heritage," and a conservative version of one at that. Many of the Founding Fathers who weren't actually Deist would still squirm in discomfort if forced to sit in a pew, or a fancy movie theater style seat, at a typical modern conservative Protestant church. And, many of those Founding Fathers who were more conservative religiously would decry today's conservative Protestants for making alliance with the Whore of Babylon, aka the Roman Catholic Church and pope.

It's a form of intolerance, really. It treats Judaism as nothing other than a tool to further a certain, selective version of Christianity, not just limited to abortion, but to rudely and unconstitutionally inserting religion into areas of the public square where it doesn't belong. It's the fig leaf that lets Justice Antonin Scalia talk about "civic religion" as though, contra John Adams, it's a lowest-common-denominator social conservativism buffed to a spit shine with a religious patina then overlaid.

And, it's not just locally. Abroad, per the link, the Religious Right has no problem with treating the Jewish homeland of its allies as a tool as well, ultimately, to bring on that Rapture. That said, since Catholics don't believe in the Rapture, either, then they too should be leery about getting too far under the Protestant fig leaf.

Per the header, maybe the Christian Right is silent because it wants to encourage abortion in Israel as part of bringing on the Rapture?

That said, as the pro forma version of this year's right-to-life rally in Washington on the Roe vs Wade anniversary shows, there's hypocrisy to spare. Maybe they should have asked Rick Perry to pray for sun? We've seen just how powerful his words are.

Beyond that, I like to trot out my own Photoshopping on occasion, and this is a good excuse for that.

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