January 26, 2014

If David Alameel is pro-choice, he still needs to tell some people

Uhh, like some institutional Catholic friends of his.

Alameel, one of five Democrats running for the US Senate nomination in Texas, has gotten press for two reasons:
1. He's a self-financing Daddy Warbucks who may be worth upwards of $50 million and
2. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis endorsed him, either for her own campaign finance reasons or to further triangulate rightward. (In either case, politicos who don't currently hold a statewide office aren't in the habit of endorsing candidates.)

What made this all puzzling is that Davis shot to fame on her anti-abortion legislation filibuster last summer, while Alameel had a campaign website in mothballs the day she endorsed him, and when he unveiled said website, it had not one word about his stance on any issues, let alone reproductive choice.

Well, a full week later, per friend P.Diddle, he came out from under the cone of silence and claimed he was fully pro-choice.

Really? That might be news to the Catholic Foundation, an organization whose advisory council includes Alameel. Given that the bishop of the Dallas Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church is a voting member of its board of directors, I'm sure that the foundation does not support any pro-choice work or sentiments as part of its philosophy.

Indeed, its list of annual grants includes The Catholic Pro-Life Committee, Catholic Crisis Pregnancy Centers/Birthchoice, clearly a pro-life group, and Heroic Media, a pro-life nonprofit media network.

So, Alameel? You need to be honest with either the Catholic Foundation, or with voters about the reality of your alleged pro-choice stance.  Which is it?

I mean, we're 15 years into a fair amount of people having Internet access. We're 10 years into Google and the rise of Web 2.0. We're five years into the rise of social media, crowdsourcing information and related items. But, political candidates and others think they can still hide their pasts.

P.Diddle has the Maxey Scherr campaign's response to Alameel's pro-choice claims earlier this week. Let's see if this too floats back to her campaign HQ. And, also per P., he's rounding up pro-life Democrats on endorsements.

David Alameel? You can run, but you can't hide. 

That includes not being able to hide when you double down on the pro-choice claims, because I just doubled down on calling y ou out.

And, if Matt Angle & the Lone Star Project don't want to respond to Tweets, fine ... I just posted on their Facebook page.

And, is this also an example of Davis needing to "tighten," not just her language, but her operations in general?

And my note to Alameel in that last comment about him? It applies to all politicians. Beyond wanting big money out of politics, I want transparency in.


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