SocraticGadfly: Stop the Boban bullshit

June 21, 2021

Stop the Boban bullshit

No, ESPN, and anybody else, Boban Marjanovic NOT a junior Arvydas Sabonis, contra hints in an ESPN story, though Sabonis was not named by name.

And, no, he wouldn't have been a different player in the Shaquille O'Neal era.

Nor in the Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain era.

First, so what if he has the 11th-highest PER in NBA history? It's based on somewhat limited, situational minutes.

The reality?

Boban has little lateral movement speed or acceleration. On defense, his blocked shots come from a mix of his 94-inch wingspan, not falling for ball fakes, and probably disciplining himself not to fall for ball fakes because he's got limited leaping and limited vertical acceleration.

And, really, not THAT impressive. His blocks/48 are lower than noted swatters Dikembe Mutombo and Mark Eaton.

The limited lateral movement speed means that, other than blocks, he's not a great defender nor a great defensive rebounder, all things considered. He's certainly not a passer of note.

Now, on different eras, he might indeed have been a great player in the George Mikan era, but we ain't there.

He's more than just a height freak, unlike Manute Bol, and less of a height-and-size freak than Gheorghe Mureșan, but let's move on.

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