SocraticGadfly: Xi Jinping Thought lies on COVID get further exposed

February 26, 2021

Xi Jinping Thought lies on COVID get further exposed

The story from The Hill is more than a week old, but it deserves more airplay. COVID started in China earlier than we have heard before, with multiple variants already around at the formerly alleged ur-time of December 2019. And, the person now called Patient Zero was NOT connected to the wet markets of Wuhan.

I still do not think this was a lab escape, but, it leaves China more and more open to facing such accusations. In addition, it puts its defenders — whether defending how well China handled the virus in general or how few cases and deaths it has, claims that look more and more like Xi Jinping Thought lies — on the defensive, though they won't admit it.

Worse yet, WHO representatives claim that Chinese officials pressured them to try to claim COVID came from outside China.

As of yesterday, China allegedly had just 90,000 cases and 4,636 deaths. I find those numbers not just lies, but Seth Rich conspiracy theory laughable lies.

And, it's also why I find Max Blumenthal and Howie Hawkins/Margaret Flowers/Kevin Zeese et al peddling Xi Jinping Thought lies about the Uyghur camps to be yet more laughable.

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