SocraticGadfly: Halloween Creep now precedes Christmas Creep

August 25, 2019

Halloween Creep now precedes Christmas Creep

Good fucking doorknob!

We're a full week before Labor Day, and more than two full months before Halloween.

And, Halloween costumes and decorations are already jamming aisles and walls at WallyWorld and dollar stores.

Remember when people were agog that Christmas decorations, candies and such were out on shelves by mid-October? Well, this is the exact equivalent.

Since Halloween has long been secularized, but originates in the Christian side from All Hallow's Eve, and in Celtic religion from Samhain and with witches and Wicca, maybe we can next get Christmas-like slogan battles.

"Happy HallowDays!"


"Splendid Samhein!"


"Bring Out Your Dead Day."

After ALL, the "saints" of the following All Saints Day ARE the dead.

I would like to add that, per the top photo, Christmas ripoffs like Halloween villages only add to my loathing.

Of course, speaking of greetings, the kids' "trick or treat" is itself extortionary. And, to the degree it derives from Samhain, throws shade on modern Wiccan claims that ancient Celtic religion was all sweetness and light.

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