August 16, 2019

Greenland tells Trump: We're not for sale, no way, no how

Where's the back nine?

So, Trump allegedly wanted to buy Greenland, which has produced much hilarity on Twitter, including mock (and maybe real) Nigerian 419 scams being reverse-grifted on Trump.

Lawyers, Guns and Money notes that some people think Trump is ADD and has fixated on Greenland and can't let go.

But, that still doesn't address the WHY of that fixation. CNN says maybe it's about mineral rights and potential, as does the link at top.

So, let's dig in.

1. If it's true that Trump's a launderer of Russian mafiyya money, even with no election connection to Putin, could this be a part of that? That pristine snow and ice cleans up a lot of things.

2. Maybe he's eyeing new golf courses. Since the Scots won't give him a blank check at Turnberry, he's going to expand that. And, this would also be a way of laundering Russian bankster money.

3. Maybe he wants to buy it for new collateral on a Deutsche Bank loan.

4. Maybe, as with Michigan, he wants to be its Man of the Year.

See, the stories all state Trump is acting as President of the United States. (We have, as a nation, bought Alaska, the Danish Virgin Islands and the Gadsden Purchase lands, among other things. And we've tried to buy Greenland before, under Harry Truman, so that too is nothing new.) And it WOULD #MAGA: Make All Greenland American.

But maybe he's just acting as Donald Trump, business mogul. And, yes, him conflating himself and his office is nothing new, as my points 1-3 indicate.

Meanwhile, the #Sharpiegate over Hurricane Dorian has hit Greenland, too.

It IS petty and moronic, as, per Newsweek, one Twitterer has noted, but, that's Donald J. Trump to a T. And, the Bernie --->Trump nutters (who were really more Trumpists all along IMO), drink the Kool-Aid willingly, as do straight, unadulterated Trumpists.

That said, behind Trump's bid for Greenland? Mike Pompeo and his Pompeo Doctrine.

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