July 15, 2019

AOC's chief of staff continues to add to her problems

As blogged previously, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be underpaying her chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, to skirt financial disclosure rules. He is under Federal Election Commission investigation for PAC donation issues connected to Justice Democrats. AOC ate a burger with him shortly after a Green New Deal push, which leads to charges of hypocrisy. And ... hold on to the burger angle.

His latest issues (it's the NY Post, so some degree of "gotcha") include not only doing callouts on other House Dems but wearing a T-shirt with the face of Gandhi assassin Subhas Chandra Bose.

On calling out House members, he's NOT an elected official. AOC needs to put a muzzle on him, tell him to stay in his own lane, etc.

On the T-shirt, and earlier issues, what is an apparent Hindu nationalist supporter doing eating beef?

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Smokey_the cat said...

She'll never stop him. He makes it to easy for her to dabble and to tweet her way out of scrapes.