June 25, 2019

TX Progressives kick Gohmert Pyle, Kenny Boy Paxton
and Former Fetus Forever Fuckwad Stickland,
the Hispanic wave is coming and more in the Roundup

The Texas Progressive Alliance does not want to be lied into any more wars as it brings you this week's roundup, chock full of news about liars of various stripes, and one of them busting out the top headline of the top section of this week's TPA roundup.

The Lege and Abbott

 Former Fetus and Forever Fuckwad Jonathan Stickland is leaving the Lege.
Texas Monthly did its Ten Best and Ten Worst legislators thing again. Stickland was so bad, he didn't even make the Bottom 10 and instead got a special "Cockroach" award.
Let's hope that NEVER pops up on my cell phone.

Isn't it time to kill Chapter 313 and other tax breaks? The Texas Observer makes the case.


Jim Schutze officially lets Eric Johnson know he's being watched for incivility, sneakiness and other things. (Read through for the "asshole" comment from one of his pre-runoff foes; also note his standing for House Speaker for the current Lege and how unlikely that was.)

Racism rears its ugly head among Dallas police officers.


The Texas Monthly has a new owner, Houston billionaire Randa Duncan Williams, who is promising to "invigorate" the mag. I didn't know it needed "invigorating." Per Chris Tomlinson, let's hope this isn't screwed up.

Off the Kuff laments the sweetheart deal Ken Paxton keeps getting from the criminal justice system.

Hispanics are about to pass Anglos as Texas' largest ethnic group. Other than their abysmal turnout at the polls, here's other big reasons why Texas Democrats shouldn't read too much into this (although they will); some of that is in more depth here. The religion angle is larger than just abortion, mentioned at the first link there, though.

The Valley has lost its NPR station.

Trump has cancelled (for now) ICE raids planned for Houston and elsewhere. I think a friend of mine is at least halfway onto something — his original Twitter blabbering about this was before his Orlando reveal; nothing but red meat being thrown out. That said, it's also another example of Trump as weathervane, or, in the face of publicly expressed opposition by mayors, the bully getting punched in the face and backing down.

Jef Rouner stays on top of the Communism situation in The Woodlands.

Betsy Gelb thinks we should all chill out about Whataburger.

Texas Leftist debuts posting a transcript of his Ingressive Voices podcast.


Socratic Gadfly uses the Assange arrest to remind readers that much of the general public, much of the mainstream media and even much of the court system ignores that there are FIVE freedoms protected by the First Amendment.

Could anybody be more Gohmert Pyle in the House's hearing on reparations than Louie Gohmert himself? It's not even close.

In his weekly candidates' update, Brains says Warren is no Bernie Sanders. In an earlier, now-gone version, he said that while Bernie doesn't sound semi-desperate, some of his bros sure do.

Evgeny Morozov does a thorough takedown on why Facebook has shoved forward its Libra crypocurrency.

Paradise in Hell returns from hiatus and channels Donald Trump.

Juanita is all about the Falwell pool boy story.

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